Sunday, 4 December 2011

waiting 14 December ?

heyy guys ! long time not updated this blog. yaaaa we in examinations SPM --.
7 subjectss were overrrr and and.... two more subject. puffftt boring waitinggg. hm so, my point bout this entry act wanna ask you. are U ready to leave school? maklong's chicken? LOL..........
k listen, anything that happens, 14 December date we have to berpisah,.. soooo ready ? after 2 years together, ada manisnya and pahitnya we go through rite..
so lepas SPM habis , ohh ya !! jangan nak sedih sangat lah ea , we still can meet !! no school no cry please ? :p  i hope all are able untuk tentukan the course of your life dengan cerah, bukan gelap. trying to majukan diri.   no friend not happy when see their friends successful. so i wish you good luck. please read again with
 in-depth "good luck friends" .

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